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Motor Car Insurance

Motor Car is a kind of insurance that provide protection to the vehicle owner against loss of or damage incurred to his vehicle as a result of a traffic accident and further protects against liability incurred.

Standard Motor Car Policy Forms
  1. Private Car Insurance
  2. Commercial Vehicle Insurance
Coverage Parts of the Motor Car Policy
  1. Section I - Liability to the Public
  2. Section II - No Fault Indemnity
  3. Section III - Loss or Damage
  4. Section IV - Excess Liability Insurance

We offer the following coverages:

1. Compulsory Third Party Liability or CTPL

The company will, subject to the limits of liability pay all sums necessary to discharge liability of the insured, in respect of bodily injury and/or death to any THIRD PARTY, in an accident caused by or arising out of the use of the scheduled vehicle provided that the insuredís liability shall have been first determined.

2. Comprehensive Cover

Loss or Damage. The company will, subject to the limits of liability, indemnify the insured against loss or damage to the Scheduled Vehicle and its accessories and spare parts whilst thereon due to accidental collision, fire, theft, explosion, over-turning and malicious damage.

Voluntary Third Party Liability pays for the insuredís liability in excess of the limits of liability under Sections I and II. Coverage is not subject to the schedule of indemnity of Section I. VTPL pays all sums necessary to discharge liability of the insured in respect of damage to third party property

Additional Benefits of a Comprehensive Cover (For all privately used vehicles up to ten years old). As an MAA Motor Car Comprehensive Insurance Policyholder, the Assured is automatically enrolled as a member and is entitled to the Program with the full privileges of free round-the-clock roadside assistance services.

    MAA Auto Assist

MAA 24-hour Roadside Assistance Program:
  1. FREE Towing Service
  2. FREE Vehicle Breakdown Service
  3. FREE Ambulance Service
  4. FREE Rescue of Insured's Vehicle
  5. FREE Alternative Transport to Destination
  6. FREE Alternative Overnight Accommodation
  7. FREE Emergency Message Relay Service
  8. FREE Arrangement for Legal Assistance
  9. FREE Arrangement of Mortal Remains Repatriation

3. Optional Covers or Extensions

  1. Acts of Nature (Previously known as AOG: flood, typhoon, earthquake, subsidence, volcanic eruption)
  2. Auto Personal Accident Unnamed Passenger Insurance
  3. Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion